Embracing Change
Our Congregation is moving forward by embracing His Grace among us. We hope that you will find the information on the site assist you on how you can contact us, resource information to help in learning and growing your life with the Lord.
About us today

Grace Communion Montreal is a dynamic evangelical congregation located in Ville St. Laurent, and serving people throughout greater Montreal.  We enjoy living in the grace that is flowing from Christ’s incredible sacrifice and want to enable everyone to enjoy the life they have in Christ, whether they know they have it or not.  We are living in the time of God’s greatest grace, and we get to share in the relationship (communion) that God enjoys within his Trinitarian nature as well as the relationships (communion) he wants us to share with one another- whoever the ‘another’ might be! As everyone is included in God’s invitation to relationships, we hope you’re enjoying his calling in your life, and we want to be available to promote that in any way we can. Thanks for visiting our site and, please, do not hesitate to look around further. We hope you feel welcome to call or drop by if we can be of any assistance in your walk in grace.